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FIND ME was the very first piece I created for the Nevermind. collection. This was long before I knew the name of the collection, or that it would even be a collection; I only knew that I wanted to explore a series of pieces turning words into abstract art. I had no goal, no vision in mind. FIND ME is the only piece I believe I’ve ever painted in complete silence. (I normally love to lean on the energy of music when I work.) I’d had a particularly hard day and was feeling sad, lonely and in need of some comfort from my angels. I sat on the floor in my art room and sorted through my paints for a palette that spoke to me – because they always do – and if I remember correctly, red was a color I set aside as NOT to use. Definitely not, as red is my own personal color. I painted the words FIND ME on the base of the canvas in black, a plea to my angels ... were they listening? When I paint I like to say I go to another place; it’s the only time I am able to truly step aside from myself, from the chaos of my everyday mind, and allow the magic of all there is to flow through me. I finished this piece the night I started it, another rarity, and when I stepped back from it I wondered where it all came from. I had no idea how the concept manifested on the canvas. And there was the red I had decided I would not use. I quickly realized the symbol of the circle within a circle as the ancient symbol of Archangel Michael; I knew this because I had contemplated getting that very symbol as a tattoo a time before. I also knew blue and yellow to be the Archangel’s colors, and it dawned on me that my painting was a response to my plea. I had been found ... and perhaps, I had never been lost.

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Acrylic on Canvas

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