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My journey as an artist began with a visit to a psychic medium. Yes you read that correctly. In my life prior to that reading, sure, I had always loved art, but I had never done much with it. I used to draw chubby horses with stubby legs when I was a kid, but that was about the extent of my artistic endeavors. I'd certainly never explored the world of painting. I always loved the arts, but we played sports in my family, and so my extracurricular activities involved sports. But back to the reading. Michelle (the psychic medium who after that became a close friend) channeled my grandmother Joan's spirit and the entire reading my grandma kept talking about painting. "You need to paint," she kept saying. "I don't know how to paint!" I kept responding. "This makes no sense!" Months later, when I met my spiritual mentor Francisco (also a gifted seer and healer), he looked at me the first time he met me and said, "Aren't you supposed to be painting?" OH MY GOSH, I thought. I have had it with all of this painting shit that makes no sense! But let's be real, I've always been a good listener and I do what I'm told, and so I started painting. I bought some cheap canvases and I started saving those plastic fake credit cards from the mail and that's what I painted with for years. And a butter knife. Painting became my religion; it's all I wanted to do, and it's pretty much all I did - for years. It gave me the outlet I needed for expressing myself, helped me process so many thoughts and emotions - it saved me. My journey with art is a constant evolution; it's become the great love of my life, and my life and who I am has blossomed because of it. I am forever grateful for that trip to see a psychic medium one day back in 2012. I thought I was just going to touch base with my grandparents and tell them how much I love them. I had no idea how life changing it would be.

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