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They say that time heals, but it’s not time that does the healing. Time does not have to step into the ring of fire and face its demons. Time gets to move forward, never backward; to leave the past where it belongs without feelings of guilt or remorse, without questions unanswered. Time does not need to seek closure or provide its own. Time is never denied love, manipulated or lambasted for being itself. It simply is, always moving on with confidence, unaffected and unafraid. It never remains stagnant and struggling with the ego’s idea of SHOULD. No, time does not heal because it does not have to. Healing is a conscious choice that begins in the darkest of places on the darkest of nights, when the soul has been stripped to its core, naked and with nothing left to sacrifice of itself. In the darkness, a seed is planted, a new light is birthed, a new day dawns, and time still moves on. This painting, LOTUS IN BLOOM, began with a base of dark colors and obscenities ... every curse word I could think of, then covered over with lyrics from “The Ghost Inside” by The Broken Bells. Unintentionally, a lotus appeared - a powerful message that our darkness is just as formative to who we are, to our beauty, as our light.

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Acrylic on Canvas

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