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The third and final Tupac piece in the Nevermined. series, ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME was my emotional response to the topic of “forgiveness” that was coming up in my life while I was trying to process and release the anger I’d been harboring. Forgiveness means something different for everyone; it’s an entirely personal concept, in my opinion. And being such a personal concept with no right or wrong way of traversing the path, far be it from any of us to dictate to another what forgiveness should look like for anyone else. So not surprisingly, I had an angry, fiercely protective response to insinuations of forgiveness in my own life. And I painted this response using lyrics like, “Perhaps I was blind to the facts, stabbed in the back,” “And hocus pocus I try to focus but I can’t see,” “Is it a crime to fight for what is mine?” “I’ve been trapped since birth, cautious because I’m cursed,” “And everybody grieves but still nobody sees,” “It hurts to reminisce, how did it come to this?” and “Only God can judge me ...” I still struggle when I look at this piece. It’s probably one of my least favorites in the series; perhaps it’s a little too raw, a little too unstructured ... a little too angry. Or maybe I just left it behind. I’m not really sure.

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Acrylic on Canvas

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