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By the time I started WILD CHILD, I was fully committed to the idea of making my word art collection of paintings based on song lyrics. It didn’t start out that way, as I mentioned in the writeups about FIND ME and IN LAK’ECH, but this is the direction the rest of the pieces took, and one I was enjoying exploring. So, I couldn’t paint a series inspired by music without including The Doors, my favorite band. I’ve loved The Doors since I saw the movie with Val Kilmer around the age of 12, and my teenage girl crush love has never waivered. I launched into a full-blown obsession with Doors music, Jim Morrison, etc. I read books, put posters and band quotes up all over my walls. I burned incense and locked myself in my room, listening to their music for hours on end. (You’d think I am referring to growing up the 60s, but it was the 90s at this time.) To this day I still have a Doors Christmas ornament I hang on my tree! I’m even a huge fan of wearing cowboy boots and vegan leather pants, and that also stems from my Jim Morrison style lust. WILD CHILD is one of my favorite songs by The Doors; I love its raw, earthy, rhythmic beat, and as a wild child and free spirit at heart, I very much connect with the lyrics. “Wild child, full of grace, savior of the human race,” “An ancient lunatic reigns,” “With hunger at her heels, freedom in her eyes ... she dances on her knees ...” WILD CHILD is definitely one of the more lighthearted pieces in the series, with its vibrant palette of a burning sun over a desert scape of rolling hills and blustery winds ... song lyrics dancing around the sun and earth, free and careless, blowing in the wind.

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Acrylic on Canvas

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